Resource List

The Intergroup works with several institutions, agencies and organisations. The links below point to their websites and other useful resources. We aim to facilitate public knowledge of the European Union and its institutions. If you would like to see other links listed here, please contact us.

The Intergroup is not responsible for the pages linked below, nor does it necessarily endorse their content.

European Union documents:

  • EU legal framework (primary and secondary law)
  • European Parliament (EP) documents, including resolutions and EP Research Service (EPRS) studies;
  • European Commission (EC) documents, including reports and studies;
  • Council of the EU documents;
  • Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) studies, reports and surveys;
  • Eurobarometer surveys.

Resources from other international organisations:

  • Council of Europe, including:
    • Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) resolutions;
    • Committee of Ministers decision.
  • United Nations, including:
    • UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) reports;
    • UNAIDS reports.

Links to Civil Society Organisations:

  • in Europe;
  • beyond Europe.

European Union documents

Resources from other international organisations

Links to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)