Intergroup Co-presidents react to St Petersburg Pride ban

Violent threats and administrative obstacles accumulate as organisers of the first St Petersburg Pride prepare to march on Saturday. Intergroup Co-presidents react to the situation.

St Petersburg Pride

St Petersburg Pride

Michael Cashman, Co-president of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights, reacted: “I am appalled that Russian authorities keep banning LGBT pride events, calling them ‘satanic’ and encouraging hate speech and violence. This goes against the European Convention of Human Rights to which Russia is a party. I await the European Court of Human Rights’ judgement in the case brought against Russia on its failure to provide its citizens—including LGBT citizens—the freedom of expression and assembly they have a right to.”

Ulrike Lunacek, Co-president of the Intergroup on LGBT Rights, continued: “EU governments and diplomats assure us that meetings with their Russian counterparts regularly include mentions of human rights, including those of LGBT people in Russia. In that case, why is the situation similar to that of ten years ago? Russia needs to be held accountable on these issues as much as on any other dossier, and we will keep applying pressure on EU diplomacy so that the right to freedom of assembly is taken seriously by Russia.”

The Intergroup on LGBT Rights had previously asked a written question to the European Commission and the Council on their absence of support to Moscow Pride; answers are expected in upcoming weeks.

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