Uganda Ambassador: David Kato should share responsibility for his murder

In a shocking letter to the President of the European Parliament, the Ambassador of Uganda in Brussels asserts that David Kato “should share responsibility in this very unfortunate incident”. A highly-respected and recognised human rights defender in Uganda, David Kato was murdered on 26th January 2011 following his vocal stance in favour of LGBT people’s human rights.

The Republic of UgandaIn the letter reproduced in full below, Stephen T. K. Katenta-Apuli writes to “correct an impression Members of the European Parliament may have that the murder of David Kato was a result of his championing the rights of gays and lesbians in Uganda.” According to the Ambassador, “nothing could be farther from the truth.”

In a shocking demonstration of ignorance and prejudice, the Ambassador of Uganda goes on to assert that unlike female prostitutes, male prostitutes “have the physical capability to defend their interests.”

Fully disregarding principles of justice and fair trial, the Ambassador further explains:

The case is in Court and due process will deliver justice. I can assure you that the culprit will get a fair trial, will be found guilty and will receive maximum sentence, which could be death at the gallows.

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Letter Uganda Ambassador to European Parliament (1 of 2) Letter Uganda Ambassador to European Parliament (2 of 2)

Heidi Hautala MEP, Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights, responded on behalf of the President of the European Parliament. In her letter, she responds that expressing “a view that due to his conduct, Mr Kato should share the responsibility for his own murder reflects a categorically unsound and entirely unacceptable way of thinking.”

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Letter European Parliament to Uganda Ambassador (1 of 2) Letter European Parliament to Uganda Ambassador (2 of 2)

In February 2011, the European Parliament had adopted an urgency resolution strongly condemning the murder of David Kato.

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