Summary: Horizon 2014: What LGBT Rights in the EU?

On 8 December 2011, the Intergroup on LGBT Rights held a public roundtable Horizon 2014: What LGBT Rights in the World? The event was attended by Members of the European Parliament, staff from the Parliament and Commission, as well as civil society. A panel of three speakers examined what the EU had accomplished so far for LGBT rights, and what could be expected by the end of the current European mandate in 2014.

Right to left: Matteo Bonini-Baraldi, FRA; Emmanuel Crabit, European Commission; Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP, LGBT Intergroup; Silvan Agius, ILGA-Europe; Secretariat of the Intergroup  Audience

Poster - Horizon 2014: What LGBT Rights in the EU?

Event summary

Following a short introduction by the Chair, three panelists were invited to give their views on LGBT rights in the EU for the next two and a half years.

Fundamental Rights Agency: Matteo Bonini-Baraldi

Matteo Bonini-Baraldi outlined the work already undertaken by the Fundamental Rights Agency on LGBT rights. After outlining the uneven European landscape for LGBT people’s fundamental rights, Mr Bonini-Baraldi pointed to two upcoming projects of the Agency: an EU-wide survey in 2012, and the publication of key indicators by 2013.

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European Commission: Emmanuel Crabit

After remarking that now was certainly the right time to reflect on LGBT rights in the EU, Emmanuel Crabit pointed to three key areas for the progress of LGBT rights in the EU. First, he highlighted the need to make existing EU rights effective on the ground, notably through the European Commission’s strategy “to ensure respect for EU Charter of Fundamental Rights”.

Second, Mr Crabit said work needed to be completed under current proposals, notably the proposed EU-wide anti-discrimination Directive, and in the area of free movement for civil status documents.

Finally, he stressed that EU institutions needed to find out more about fundamental rights ‘on the ground’ in the 27 Member States.

ILGA-Europe: Silvan Agius

After introducing ILGA-Europe‘s 2009 Be Bothered! Pledge, Silvan Agius presented seven items that should be included in a potential comprehensive approach of the EU to LGBT rights. Notably, he insisted the EU must go beyond a “piecemeal approach” to the rights of LGBT people.

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Questions & answers

View the questions and answers between audience and panel (first round):

Second round of questions and answers: