Budapest Mayor: Worrying about pride safety “does not indicate intellect”

The Mayor of Budapest has dismissed concerns about the safety of today’s pride march, explaining that he does not think such concerns “indicate a measure of intellect”.

Mayor of Budapest Istvan Tarlos

Mayor of Budapest Istvan Tarlos
(Credit: Index/I. Tarlos)

Earlier in June, Members of the European Parliment had written an open letter to Mayor of Budapest Istvan Tarlos and Members of the Budapest Assembly, calling on them to ensure today’s Budapest Pride would proceed safely.

Received yesterday, the Mayor’s response brushes aside these concerns, and explains that Pride safety is the exclusive competence of the police.

In his response, the Mayor explains:

The past 20 years, described as “liberal”, have accumulated a multitude of severe problems in Budapest. In our capital city there are lots of issues of essential importance, affecting many people, to be solved, which issues have already been sorted in other metropolises.

Therefore, I wish You would not turn to me with this matter, brought up by yourselves. I do not believe that becoming absorbed in this subject matter would indicate a measure of intellect.

Reacting to the letter from Budapest today, MEPs Sophie in ‘t Veld and Ulrike Lunacek called the letter “a nasty stain on the long tradition of Budapest as a city of culture and sophistication“. They will both take part in Budapest Pride this afternoon.

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