Upcoming Intergroup event: Sexual orientation, gender identity and religion: A new dialogue

On Wednesday 13 November, the LGBT Intergroup will host a seminar on religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. Registration is now open.

In today’s society, the dominant discourse presents the rights of religious believers on the one hand, and the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on the other hand as mutually exclusive.

Yet, millions of LGBT people marry their faith with their sexual orientation or gender identity. Believers represent a diverse range of beliefs and feelings often far from the message of condemnation of high religious authorities.

During this event Imam Muhsin Hendricks, Mark Barwick from Human Rights Without Frontiers and Jean-Bernard Bolvin from the European External Action Service will discuss how these two fundamental aspects of human identities can be reconciled, and what lessons they hold for peaceful European policy-making in the field of human rights.

The seminar takes place at the European Parliament in Brussels, and is open to the public. Register before Friday 8 November 18.00 CET for an access badge.

Poster sexual orientation, gender identity and religion