LGBT votes in 2009-2014: Fight homophobia in Russia (4/5)

During the 2009-2014 legislature, MEPs voted on LGBT issues over 250 times. In the run-up to the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on 17 May, we’ll publish a series of 6 infographics summarising political groups’ votes on key LGBT issues.

#LGBTvotes 4 Fight homophobia in Russia

In May 2012, the European Parliament adopted a strong resolution to condemn homophobia in Europe, and in particular ‘anti-propaganda’ laws in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, and Hungary. It was adopted with a large majority, and ask the European Commission and Member States to take resolute action against Russia for these grave human rights breaches.

Percentages indicate MEPs who supported the measure out of MEPs taking part in the vote. Nominal votes are publicly available on VoteWatch. Numbers were adjusted to reflect vote corrections.

The next infographic will be published tomorrow.

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