Intergroup Co-President attacked at Vienna Pride

Last Saturday, Co-President of the LGBT Intergroup Ulrike Lunacek was attacked at Vienna Pride.

Ulrike Lunacek MEPA liquid likely to be butyric acid—a toxic but non-lethal substance which develops an unbearable smell—was thrown at her and the interviewer.

While counter-demonstrations are common, this time a small “March for the Family” took place at the same time, a targeted assault like this has never happened before.

150 000 people joined this year to participate in the Pride.

Commenting the events, Ulrike Lunacek said: “I’m very calm about this direct personal attack. I trust the police will do their job, and bring the lone perpetrator to justice.”

“The stench stayed for hours, but thankfully no-one was hurt although our clothes and video materials were destroyed. I’m sad and irritated this took place in my hometown, but this will only make me stronger in my determination to end fear and hate-mongering in Europe.”

LGBT Intergroup Vice-President Sophie in ‘t Veld MEP joined in condemnation, and declared: “I am shocked and repulsed by this attack. I wish such attacks were a thing of the past, but instead they remind us that one in four LGBT people were attacked or threatened with homophobic violence in the year preceding the FRA LGBT Survey.”

“We must take this as a serious signal that homophobes are prepared to do anything, including up close, personal violence, to impose their views. Political and religious leaders have to show more responsibility, and speak out strongly against homophobic hatred and violence, rather than tacitly accept it or even fan it.”