European Parliament calls for respect of LGBTI rights worldwide

Last week the European ParliamEP-047107A_Hemicycle-General-viewent adopted its Annual report on human rights and democracy in the world 2017 and the EU policy on the matter. The report assess the situation of human rights around the world in 2017 and what the EU should do to protect human rights.

This year’s report contains strong content on LGBTI rights, condemning all forms of discrimination against LGBTI people (para. 53).

Particularly, it condemns the arbitrary detention, torture, persecution and killings of LGBTI people and violations of the fundamental right to bodily integrity caused by intersex genital mutilation.

It also urges Member State embassies and EU delegations to implement the EU’s LGBTI Guidelines (para. 57).

“Once again, the European Parliament reaffirms the role of the EU in defending the rights of LGBTI people worldwide” said Daniele Viotti, co-president of the LGBTI Intergroup. “We count on the High Representative/Vice-President to follow the suggestions in this report and ensure the protection of LGBTI people, including LGBTI human rights defenders”.

Two plenary amendments intending to ensure coverage of the rights of trans and intersex people were however rejected by the European Parliament.

Malin Bjork, vice-president of the LGBTI Intergroup, commented: “Trans and intersex people face specific discrimination and violence that are still widely ignored at the international level. It is deplorable to see the European Parliament refuse to include issues such as intersex genital mutilation and legal gender recognition in a general report on human rights.”

However the LGBTI Intergroup and the European Parliament remain strong defenders of trans and intersex rights. An example is the recent adoption of a resolution on intersex rights in the LIBE Committee, which should be voted in plenary early next year.