Press release: Poland’s continued attack on human rights of LGBTI persons gathers condemnation from European Parliament

Brussels, 17 September 2020

On 17 September, the European Parliament adopted the interim report on the Determination of a clear risk of a serious breach by the Republic of Poland of the rule of law.[1] This report is the result of a continuous monitoring by the European Parliament arising from the European Commission’s triggering of Article 7(1) TEU. 

The report clearly addresses hate speech, public discrimination and intolerant behaviour against vulnerable groups, such as LGBTI persons.

Terry Reintke MEP, Co-President of the LGBTI Intergroup in the European Parliament and Greens-EFA group shadow on the report, comments:

Rule of law for EU countries is not an “à la carte” menu. Member States do not get to choose whether to follow it – it is one of the fundamental principles upon which the Union is founded. We cannot tolerate the continued attacks on the LGBTI community in Poland. Our cross-group support goes to the Polish LGBTI community and activists who are facing an insurmountable pressure – not least because of a shameful presidential election campaign won on the back of fragile LGBTI-phobia. As European Parliament, we strongly condemn the repression of the LGBTI community and ask again to the European Commission to open infringement procedures not only concerning rule of law, but also fundamental rights, as codified in Article 2 TEU.

Marc Angel MEP, Co-President of the LGBTI Intergroup in the European Parliament, adds:

The LGBTI Intergroup has played a strong role in including further language on the continued attacks that took place during the summer against LGBTI persons in Poland. Due to our support, the report now addresses: 1) support for further cuts in EU funding to regions that declared themselves as “LGBTI-free zones”, 2) the grave “Polish Stonewall” mass arrests and 3) the inhuman “conversion therapies” advocated by religious organisations. This report is not just “an exercise conducted in Brussels by far-away politicians” and it must not be dismissed by the Polish Parliament as such. We call on the Sejm, namely through its EU Affairs Committee, to make full use of its scrutinising powers, to discuss the report and to propose solutions to the issues laid out. We call also on the Commission and Council to carefully scrutinise this report, heed and implement the Parliament’s calls.

Background information

LIBE Committee’s press release – “Rule of law in Poland: “overwhelming evidence” of breaches”, available at

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