Press release: Lesbian Visibility Day – why we need to keep celebrating it

Brussels, 26 April 2022


Lesbian Visibility Day is celebrated internationally on 26 April, a date which begets reflection, which needs attention, and which calls for legislative reform still today. Lesbian Visibility Week (25 March – 1 April) is equally “a voice for unity that lifts all women, especially those who come from marginalised communities”.[1] The LGBTI Intergroup welcomes the celebration of this date.

In recent years, surveys have showed that lesbian or bisexual women continue facing discrimination when accessing social services, that trans women and non-binary respondents indicated avoiding public spaces more frequently that cisgender respondents or that lesbians of colour, belonging to an ethic minority or who are refugees/asylum seekers were twice as likely to be exposed to harassment and threats in their daily life.[2]

Malin Björk MEP (Left), LGBTI Intergroup Vice-President, comments:

Lesbian visibility is still a taboo topic and lesbians continue to be targets of lesbophobia, a form of discrimination which lives comfortably between homophobia and misogyny. But on Lesbian Visibility Day, we call out these instances, regroup and advocate for better protection from harassment, discrimination and violence. Today I am hosting an event at the European Parliament titled ‘Fight Like a Lesbian’[3], which will give the floor to brave lesbian activists working against war, oppression and discriminations. They will share their work, stories and struggles in fighting far right movements and racism, and empowering those most disadvantaged. Only through allyship can we build a movement which is truly inclusive and supporting.

Maria Walsh MEP (EPP), LGBTI Intergroup Vice-President, concludes:

We must do better: for the young lesbians* hoping for an accepting and safe coming out and for all the trans and non-binary kids who are still struggling and in need of acceptance. We should be focusing much more on how non-acceptance of sexual orientation and gender diversity bears grave damage on mental health. On this day, we speak out in their favour and reassure them that things do and will get better – and to all lesbian* collectives and communities, we remind that the LGBTI Intergroup is an ally: inclusive in its fight and determined in its purpose.

[1] Lesbian Visibility Week, accessible at

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[3] “Fight like a Lesbian: activism against war, oppression and discrimination” event for the occasion of Lesbian Visibility Day 2022, organised by MEP Malin Björk (The Left), accessible at

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