LGBTI Intergroup MEP heading to Belgrade Pride

After three bans in a row since 2011, a Pride March is scheduled to take place in Belgrade this Sunday. From the European Parliament, Terry Reintke MEP will march along for equality and human rights.Belgrade Pride slogan

After an attack on a German LGBTI activist two weeks ago, all eyes are on Serbia to ensure that and well-protected pride takes place. The last three years, Prides were cancelled last-minute, quoting security threats.

The European Parliament has closely followed developments in Serbia and often called on the Serbian Republic to ensure that freedom of assembly is guaranteed for all, including LGBTI people.

Last Tuesday, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior stated that he saw “no reason” for the Pride not to be held.

Member of the LGBTI Intergroup-designate Terry Reintke MEP, who will head to Belgrade for the Pride, reacted: “Two weeks ago I was in Serbia at an LGBT Conference where one of the participants faced horrible violence.”

“I strongly appreciate the openness and determination with which the police worked on clarifying the dreadful event. Now it is the task of the Serbian state authorities to ensure a peaceful, free and safe pride. It is the fundamental right of every citizen to freely assemble. Implementing this right is of ample importance for ensuring a democratic society.”

Vice-President of the LGBTI Intergroup-designate Tanja Fajon MEP, added: “I welcome that for the first time, political leaders have given their explicit support for the Pride, with even a Minister announcing his attendance.”

“After three last-minute bans over the last three years, this year, the Serbian government will have the opportunity to right these wrongs. The values of tolerance and diversity that will be highlighted this Sunday are European, and Serbia fully belongs in Europe.”