MEPs tabled a written question to the European Commission regarding removal the names of non-biological mothers from children’s birth certificates

Subject: Legal protection of rainbow families in Italy

In January, the Italian government issued a communication urging local authorities to cease the practice of including both names of parents in the birth certificates of children of rainbow families. In consequences, a warning letter has been sent out to 27 rainbow families in Padua that already affect 33 children. The situation is now getting worst by removing the name of non-biological mother from their children’s birth certificates. Three rainbow families are now concerned by this removal.

Article 3(3) of the TEU establishes the objective for the EU to promote protection of the rights of the child. The UNCRC has been ratified by Italy in 1991. Following its art.7 and 8, the child has a right to preserve his/her identity, including nationality, name and family relations, up to the Member States to provide such protection. Italy has now effectively violated these rights under the meaning provided in Article 3(3) TEU and the extended rights and obligations granted to children under the UNCRC. How will the Commission ensure that the rights of all children in Italy are protected and follow the objectives laid out in the TEU?

MEPs who signed:

  1. Marc Angel
  2. Kim van Sparrentak
  3. Pierre Karleskind
  4. Fabio Massimo Castaldo
  5. Sophie in t’ Veld
  6. Bart Groothuis
  7. Aurore Lalucq
  8. Karima Delli
  9. Cornelia Ernst
  10. Hilde Vautmans
  11. Dietmar Köster
  12. Catharina Rinzema
  13. Michal Šimečka
  14. José Gusmão
  15. Marisa Matias
  16. Radka Maxová
  17. Robert Biedroń
  18. Karen Melchior
  19. Sirpa Pietikäinen
  20. Brando Benifei
  21. Terry Reintke
  22. Sylwia Spurek
  23. Rosa D´Amato
  24. Frédérique Ries
  25. Chris MacManus
  26. Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield
  27. Maria Manuel Leitão Marques
  28. Monika Vana
  29. Andreas Schieder
  30. Gabriele Bischoff
  31. Malte Galée