MEPs tabled written questions to the European Commission on the protection of transgender rights and rainbow families in Italy

Subject: Protection of transgender rights and rainbow families in Italy

The health, well-being and safety of LGBTIQ+ people, especially transgender people, including children, are threatened on a daily basis in Italy. The current legislation dates back more than 40 years, meaning there is an absence of adequate legislation.

Furthermore, recent initiatives against the Careggi hospital taken by the Italian Minister of Health resulted in jeopardizing access to health services and have produced negative consequences for transgender children and their families. This is contrary to the principles of the Italian Constitution and the founding Treaties of the EU, as the dignity and health of transgender people are violated and children’s lives are put at risk.

  1. How is the Commission planning to respond to the aforementioned recent developments that have affected the gender affirmation paths of transgender people?
  2. How will the Commission ensure that the rights of all children in Italy, especially transgender children, as well as their families are protected and follow the objectives laid out in the Article 3(3) TEU, as well as the UN Convention on the rights of the child, which Italy has ratified in 1991?

MEPs who signed:

  1. Marc Angel
  2. Kim van Sparrentak
  3. Fabio Massimo Castaldo
  4. Malin Björk
  5. Maria Walsh
  6. Pierre Karleskind
  7. Isabel Carvalhais
  8. Brando Benifei
  9. Dietmar Köster
  10. Sylwia Spurek
  11. Robert Biedron
  12. Sara Matthieu
  13. Mario Furore
  14. Sirpa Pietikäinen
  15. Rosa D’Amato
  16. Radka Maxova
  17. Antoni Comin
  18. Tilly Metz
  19. Malte Gallée
  20. Rasmus Andersen
  21. Matjaž Nemec
  22. Marianne Vind
  23. Frédérique Ries
  24. Aurore Lalucq
  25. Saskia Bricmont
  26. Theresa Bielowski